Saturday, August 25, 2007

Kabuto Sushi

Kabuto Sushi
Category: Sushi

Neighborhood: Outer Richmond
Price Range: $$$

This is probably one of my favorite Sushi Joints in the City. Reason being that they have one of the most unique & inventive Sushi Menus I have ever seen. Seriously, with such items as as Foie Gras Sushi served with a Balsamic Raspberry Sauce (can you say, Yum?), and Lamb Apple Nigiri, which is Grilled Lamb topped with Sliced Apple and a Cherry Balsamic Sauce. I mean, how do they come up with this stuff?

Other Faves are the Barbeque Duck Nigiri served with Japanese Spicy Mustard and
Hamachi Pear Nigiri which has Yellowtail topped with Sliced Pear and a Kabuto Fruity Mustard Sauce.

I mean, SO good!

I've barely touched the surface as far trying half their Menu. It's nuts...
The Sashimi is incredibly fresh and I just love Kabuto for its inventiveness. Did the ol' Toro Sashimi test and it passed with flying fish colors..
Really great place for inventive and unique Sushi which cannot be found elsewhere.
Only thing is that it is a tiny place and the wait can be incredibly long, but certainly well worth it...

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