Saturday, August 18, 2007


Category: Contemporary Japanese
Neighborhood: Market East (Philadelphia, PA)
Price Range: $$$$

Went back to my hometown (Philly) and went to Morimoto's with my cousins and was very impressed. The Iron Chef did not disappoint!
We had the Foie Gras which was one of the Best preps I've ever had - creamy, buttery & delicately sauteed foie that was paired with mandarin orange and gooseberries that has my mouth watering just writing about it! The Grilled Spicy King Crab Leg was so good that I found myself picking at the shell in hopes of finding more hidden treasures...

Overall it was an amazing dining experience... Morimoto's got Skills.
The Decor was a beautiful space done in modern minimalistic chic and matched the beautiful assault on my senses.. Absolutley Loved It!
My only wish is that we had a 'Stephen Starr' out here in San Francisco to create such remarkable and uniquely designed restaurants with equally remarkable food and drinks.
For those of you who do not know who
Stephen Starr is, he is a Restauranteur in Philly that has a reputation for his Unique Dining Concepts. Morimoto's was actually designed by a brilliant Designer, by the name of Karim Rashid. These Restaurants typically double as late nite Lounges, where one can either Hang Out, Drink Cocktails and even get little Nibbles later than most other Restaurants. To name a few - Washington Square, Tangerine, Buddakan, The Continentals. One great example in SF would be Frisson.

Link to Morimoto's

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