Saturday, August 18, 2007


Category: Seafood
Neighborhood: Pacific Grove, CA
Price Range: $$$

Went for my 2005 Birthday Dinner and had a remarkably great Dining Experience! Highly recommend if you ever find yourself down in the Monterrey/Carmel area. (Pacific Grove is right next door) We had told the restaurant in advance that it was my birthday and when we arrived the table was decorated with colorful confetti and ribbons, which I found to be so thoughtful...
We were greeted and served by an extremely friendly and attentive staff. They have a huge wine list that was very reasonably priced.
The menu was bold and fearless..even risky... But we found the execution to be flawless. They mixed Flavors and Textures that were beautifully matched - powerful and balanced so that it did not overpower the dishes. Overall, a truly memorable experience! Absolutely a 'Must Try' if you are ever in the area!

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