Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pacific's Edge

Pacific's Edge
Category: American (New)/French
Neighborhood: Carmel, CA

Price Range: $$$$

This is where I went for another one of my Birthday Dinners in 2005. It's a very fancy & upscale Restaurant in Carmel. This place had the most stunningly beautiful Views, and is perched on a Cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean with massive floor-to-ceiling Windows that made the View the star of the show.

I hafta say, though, that the meal we had was secondary as compared to the gorgeous view.
Now, don't get me wrong, because the Service and the Meal were top-rate, but Food-wise, we had a Fantastic Meal at Passionfish in Pacific Grove the following night which knocked our socks off...
I think this is when I started to realize that my favorite Style of Food was more of the Rustic style.
Y'know, Restaurants like Quince, Zuni and Terra for example.
I mean, who knew? This proclaimed 'City Girl' has a little bit of Country in her after all!

Overall, it was a truly Romantic, Elegant and Beautifully Stunning Dining Experience!
Fancy Dining with Impressive Views...
And a Fantastic Meal that is sure to put a little dent in the ol' wallet..

Link to Pacific's Edge here.

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