Saturday, August 18, 2007


Category: American (New)

Neighborhood: The Mission
Price Range: $$$

I went here at the prodding of my friends on a Thursday night and I hafta say that I had a really great experience. Although this review may have a slight bias, 'cause my friends happened to know Carlos Yturria, the restaurant manager that night and we really got the royal treatment (and that is no exaggeration by any means).
The Drinks were truly an experience in itself, and Dominic Villegas, the bartender, or more appropriately, Mixologist extraordinaire, really showed us his skills in the form of true Mixology. His 'signature cocktail' of the day was truly something to write home about, 'cause I had 3 of those badboys. Carlos introduced us to a number of different wines to go with each of our dishes, whereby he took us on a world tour, from Spain and Italy, France and California, with the different variations of wines from each region. We had so many that I cannot name them all, but the one that stood out was the Petalos from the Bierzo region of Spain. It was definitely my favorite.

Now let's talk Food..
We had the Salad with the yummy lil' salty bits of Deep Fried Capers. Deep Fried Capers, who knew? We also had the Asparagus with the Egg and crispy Bread Crumbs, which truly blew all of us away. I mean, rarely does a Veggie dish warrant that kind of props, but that Asparagus dish was the friggin bomb and that's no joke.
For Apps, we also had the Clams in Green Garlic Sauce which was delicious, the Mushroom Ravioli in Brown Butter Sauce, as well as the Arctic Char Crudo with Meyer Lemon and Maldon Salt. All delicious.
What knocked my socks off, as well as those of my dinner companions, was the Coffee-Rubbed Pork Shoulder! Can you say 'YUM'? That Pork Goodness was braised for 14 hours and it just straight melted in your mouth. The flavors were right on. Needless to say, we licked that plate clean.
A perfect finish to the Meal was the Crepes with Huckleberries paired with Pecan Praline Ice Cream. Talk about your 'happy ending'...I'm getting warm and fuzzy just thinkin bout it..

Now, what have we learned?
Asparagus with Crispy Bread Bits
The Salad with Deep Fried Capers
The Coffee Rubbed Pork Shoulder...
The Petalos..
and the Crepes with Huckleberries and Pecan Praline Ice Cream = HAPPY-Ness

This is a great place for New American Cuisine in the Mission. Two thumbs up...
I will be goin back for more...

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