Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Category: Italian (Ligurian/Piemonte Regions)
Neighborhood: Financial District
Price Range: $$$

Ah, Perbacco... What Can I Say?
Perbacco = For Bacchus translated. Brilliant.
One could say that I Live my Life Perbacco... Corny, but True.
I've been here three times already and I really like Perbacco a lot. Once for Happy Hour, another time for a Client Lunch and now Dinner.
I'm gonna break it down for the Dinner... Went last Friday night for my girlfriend, JZ's Bday Dinner and we were extremely impressed by the Service and the Food. When we sat down, there was a bday card from Perbacco as well as a bottle of MV Laurent-Perrier Rose Brut from Champagne, France waiting for us chilled. Highly Recommend. (Note: The Champagne was a call-ahead present from her boy in NJ. Take some notes Boys...)
After we were sat, the Restaurant Manager came to our table to greet her happy birthday and to thank us for choosing Perbacco for her celebration... Nice.

Perbacco has quite an extensive Wine List. We enlisted the help of the Sommelier to help us choose a good wine to go with our Dinner and he recommended us a fabulous Chardonnay called Karia by Stag's Leap Cellars. It was Lovely. Lovely that we had two bottles of it...

The Food:
We started off with the Tasting of Salumi and the Heirloom Tomato Salad prepared with Sea Salt, Olive Oil, Manodori Balsamico and Fresh Basil. It was a perfect combination and a great start to our Meal. FYI - Perbacco is known for their Salumi, which they cure themselves and for their Pastas which they also make themselves.
We were a party of 4 Lovely Ladies (E4) and we decided to Do the Dinner Family Style. So we shared 2 Pasta Entrees and 2 Meat Dishes.

For the Pasta, we had the Agnolloti filled with Roasted Veal and Savoy Cabbage. This was my Favorite, as well as an overall Ladies Pick. Our second Pasta Dish was the Pappardelle in a Braised Short Rib Ragu and we thought that was delicious as well.

For Our Mains, we had the King Salmon with Roasted Padrone Peppers, Artichoke Passato & Melted Cherry Tomatoes. Sounds pretty fancy, huh? Our other Entree was the Grilled Lamb Sirloin Tagliata with a Summer Bean Salad & MInt Salsa Verde. Both were good, but I think the Pastas were more of the Star.

For Dessert:
They brought us a Warm Pistachio Cake with a Cherry Compote and Vanilla-Thyme Syrup, which was Divine. It even had Happy Birthday written on it in Chocolate Sauce. We also had the Gelati Misti, which was a Trio of the following Flavors - Chocolate/Vanilla & Caramel with Sea Salt and a Vanilla Strawberry Twirl. All Delish...

Here's the Breakdown:
-Definitely Try - The Salumis & The Pastas. It's what their known for so don't sleep on 'em.
-Service is Exceptional.

Additional Info from My Prior Experiences:
-I tried their Burrata, which I thought did not touch the Burrata at A16.
-I read that their Breadsticks are the Best. Comes with a tasty Verde Sauce. YUM...
-Had the Salumi Misti which was the Chef's Selection, which I highly recommend. We do this sort of thing for Sushi, why not Salumi?
-Next time I want to try some of their Crudos. Sounds like a perfect little plan for Happy Hour, no?

Mangia, People... Mangia!

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