Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Food Affaire Visited...

Ok, I knew this event was going to be quite the 'Affaire', but I have to say that I was blown away!
It was a spectacular event, to say the least and I cannot wait to share the experience here with you..
As mentioned in a previous post, the Food Affaire is a Golden Gate Restaurant Association (GGRA) annual event. The event was formerly the Toast of the Town, but this year the GGRA went for a edgier, sexier, more sensual vibe and it worked. It was a huge success and as promised, it showcased all-star chefs, indulgent aphrodisiac-inspired cuisine and sensual entertainment.

So sit back, read on and enjoy the, dare I say? 'Food Erotica'...
Upon entering the plush Ruby Skye nightclub, one is greeted by a feather dusting by sassy, flirtatious servers in burlesque, serving up SKYY X-Rated cocktails to kick off the evening. Once rounding the corner to enter the main room, all of your senses are stimulated by the sounds of sexy beats, seductive performers center stage and chefs serving up sexy, aphrodisiac inspired cuisine.


This event was all of these and more. A true seduction of all of your senses...

Dan Scherotter of Kuleto stood before an enormous phallic-shaped zucchini that was erotically pierced with toothpicks of house-cured sardines wrapped around beets. Beretta served up a rich, creamy Truffle Fondue that was to die for. One of my favorite chefs, Bruce Hill & Colin Dewey of Bix provided a beautiful Garden of Eatin' that was filled with pristine organic produce such as Strawberries, Beets, Avocados and ambrosial K&J Farms Panache figs. Each of these lush 'lilies' was gilded with a drizzle of ultra rich, perfectly sweet Cavedoni Balsamico. Perfecto! Jack Falstaff had a mouthwatering Shrimp paired with creamy Avocado and wonderfully fresh Watermelon topped with Cilantro whose flavors were surprisingly sensuous. Ducca served a rich Yellowtail Crudo literally 'swimming' in Champagne Spuma, Parsnip Cream and Osetra Caviar which was a combination that I found ironically delicious. Joey Altman of Bay Cafe and the newly opened Miss Pearl's Jam house in Oakland provided a creamy Rice Pudding with Berries and Cream.

As is typical, some of the sumptuous fare stood out more than others. Because I attend so many food & wine events as a food writer, I found myself making note of the favorite dishes that stood out, let's call them SF Food Maven 'Notable Edibles', and as the end of the event draws near, I go back for seconds and sometimes even thirds. Well, this time around, the following four Notable Edibles made for a perfect 4-Course Meal. So I found myself, weaving my way back for these Dishes in this exact order...

The Appetizer
Palencia's Dish was a Kilawin na Puso ng Saging, literally Sauteed Banana Heart, which is a Filipino Dish prepared with Banana Blossom sauteed in Sugarcane Vinegar and Thai Red Chilis. Palencia's chef, Drew Roxas prepared it with a Coconut Shrimp Sauce and fried Philippine Saba Banana. This Dish was perfect with just the right amount of kick, some creaminess from the Coconut Suace and a Flavor that lingered just right. It truly opened up the palette for what was next to come...

The Second Course


Emporio Rulli had a Risotto with Beets. Earthy and delicious... You really couldn't go wrong.

The Entree


Poleng Lounge's Tim Luym presented a spicy Balinese Lemongrass Satay Sampi that was phallic and packed a heat that was all of the above things and a big hit for many, if the constant crowds were anything to go by...

The Dessert
And Decadent all at once...
Perbacco's Fig Leaf Panna Cotta topped with Olive Oil, Cocoa Crumble and Red Wine Figs Dessert was so good that it put the 'Happy' in my Ending. I loved it.

Halfway through the evening, exotic, cirque de soliel-esque dancers performed sensual aerial routines, that had to be seen to be believed.

All in all, it most certainly was an all-encompassing, heady sensory experience featuring sensual entertainment and aphrodisiac-inspired cuisine created by San Francisco's leading chefs that went straight to my head, amongst other things...
A true Epicurean experience that stimulated all of your senses...

All proceeds raised from A Food Affaire will benefit the GGRA’s Scholarship Foundation, which provides talented students with scholarships to help fund their tuition towards careers in restaurants and hospitality. A most worthy cause, if you ask me.
Special thanks to Donnalyn Murphy, the Director of Educational Services for allowing yours truly to attend the event!

Take it from me, come next year, this event is not to be missed! This by far, was one of my favorite food & wine events of the year. And I will be sure to let you know once it comes around again... Perhaps, next time you will join me.

All Photos courtesy of SF Food Maven with the exception of #7 & 14, which came from

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