Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eating My Way Out of San Francisco: Week Two...

Eating San Francisco continued...

Mango Cafe in Palo Alto

Hot Curried Goat Roti at the Mango Cafe in Palo Alto.

Pho at Turtle Tower in the 'Loin

Pho with Rare Beek & Well Done Flank.

Sushi Groove South

A Selection of Nigiri.


Above is their selection of Breads - Bread Sticks, Bread with Star Anise and the wheel-shaped one with Olives and soaked in Olive Oil, which was a Favorite at the table...

A surprisingly good Paine Farms Smoked Squab with Black Cabbage-Porcini Mushroom Strudel and Sunchoke Crema.


Eggplant Caponatina with Burrata.

Margarita Pizza with Burrata Cheese and Sausage

Last but not Least,

the Infamous Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog from one of the Bacon Dog Carts in the Mission...

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