Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eating My Way Out of San Francisco: The Final Week

My Final Week...
I can hardly believe it.
Realization sets in...
I won't be able to hit every place on my list!
Ah well...  It's not like I'm not gonna be back, right?
So here goes...

Brothers II Korean BBQ with Cris.
Don't be jealous...  

View actual photo below and weep.

I heart Panchan...

We decided to wrap our Brothers II Lunch at Genki with a Nutella and Banana Crepe.  

Me Raptor.  
Me SO happy.

Baby Blues BBQ with G and Billy

Original one in Venice, CA and the brothers who own them are originally from Philly.  Woot!
Anyhow, see spread below.


Pulled Pork, Corn Bread and Mac&Cheese

Memphis Ribs and Baby Back Ribs with Corn Bread and Sweet Potatoes

Sushi Groove with Nee

Needed something a little on the lighter side to break up my final week...

The Slanted Door

Here were the highlights...

Hamachi with Crispy Shallots and Thai Basil
Niman Ranch Shaking Beef with Cubed Filet Mignon, Sausalito Springs Watercress, Red Onion and Lime
Oven Roasted Sonoma Liberty Duck Breast with Cherries, mint and Sausalito Spring Watercress

My Last Supper with Nad & Murph and Kuya Mel & Tim.
We came.
We ate.
It was Aweseme.

Some highlights below...  
Full review to follow soon. 

Green Garlic Sformatino with Mussels and Fiorelli

Prosciutto-Mascarpone Ravioli with Lemon Herb Burro Fuso

Pancetta-Wrapped Rabbit Saddle with Farm Carrots and Fava Beans

Murph was adamant, that I could not leave SF without having the Morning Bun.
He hunted.
He gathered.
We ate.

Morning Bun on the right and Gougere to the left

Croques Monsieur

And so...
In Sinatra's word more or less..
The End is Here.
And I'm glad to say
I did it 'My Way'....

Thank You San Francisco for all of your Gastronomic Bounty!
I Came.
I Ate.
And I Loved it All...

So Long San Francisco

       Hello New York!

As you can see, up & running now...

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San Francisco Stylephile said...

Chick, I KNOW those morning buns! They are serious blobs o' heaven!